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A list of Corporate Social responsibility done by Switch ACDC.

Zambia Carnivore Projects (ZCP)

ZCP is a non-profit conservation agency though which large carnivores and the Eco system they reside in are maintained and balanced through science, action and local leadership. They operate primarily in the Kafue national park and Luiwa plains. It is in line with this that Switch ACDC supports them with fully off-grid systems to carry out their base line of works through the wildlife tourism sector.

Kafue Vet Project - Free Equipment to run the site

The Kafue vet project is supported by switch ACDC by assisting them to run key elements such as lights, fridges that keep the critical vaccines required for field work.

Elephant Charge Teams

Sponsored both Lady Hogs and Mud Hog teams. The elephant charge is a fundraising non profit organisation which Switch ACDC supports by way of monetary funds which are further then spread to various wildlife and rural community related programs.

Nomads Golf Foundation

Switch ACDC supports the nomads gold foundation which raises funds and redistributes them to those in need

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