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Solar power is a great energy choice for businesses that use large industrial machinery as most electricity is used during the sunshine hours of the day when solar energy production is at its best.  Switch ACDC design and install solar power systems from 6kW up to 1MW grid tied systems for commercial and industrial use.

Solar Power

For Businesses

Customised setup

Switch ACDC have brought quality solar energy options to all types of businesses and provide dependable solar products at any scale. By partnering with us, you will get the best solar energy solution available to you and your customised needs. We have experience is servicing a range of businesses.

Return on investment

Well known businesses and organisations around the world have discovered that solar is a powerful way to help reduce operational costs. Switch ACDC are here to help you make the change to a better and more energy secure way of powering your business.

Ongoing support

Switch ACDC are an experienced solar provider who will partner with you as your business enters this new era of energy management. We will help you understand the best renewable energy options for you and ensure that you unlock the greatest value from your solar power system. Switch ACDC provide you with an unlimited service ranging from engineering and design to installation and customer service long after your solar system is installed.  

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