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Solar Education

2. How much electricity can be obtained with the usage of solar energy?
3. Is solar a reliable source of energy? Can it be used throughout the year?
4. Will the amount of electricity produced by solar panels be the same all year round?
5. Can I go completely off grid with the usage of solar energy?
6. Does the usage of solar energy impact the environment in any way?
7. Do you have financing options available?
8. Is it necessary to get a permit for using solar energy?
9. Are there any additional payments such as a ZESCO meter after installation?
10. Can solar energy work with high temperature but little sunshine?
11. What are the limitations of using solar energy?

Maintenance Inquiries

12. How can I keep my Solar System working efficiently for a long period of time?
13. Can I install solar panels or inverters on my own without any technical experience?
14. In what ways can my solar panels/inverters be damaged?
15. Do solar geysers work well throughout the year? Are there any disadvantages to them?
16. Can solar panels get damaged when it is raining?
17. Do I need to have a specific roof top to accommodate solar panels or can they be installed
in other places too?

Product Inquiries

18. Does  solar systems have a long lifespan?
19. Is it better to own an inverter or solar panels?
20. Do I need to install batteries with my solar panels?
21. Can I use my solar panels for borehole pumping of water?
22. What size option do I need for my residential home or corporate place?
22. Do I need to use ZESCO to power my inverters?

Solar Calculator

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