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Renewable energy development and clean technology has now allowed homeowners the option to install solar panels.  This has added not only a convenience factor to the domestic user but an economical gain, as our systems are fully hybrid meaning they utilize solar energy first before the users reliance on Grid power.

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Solar power is a great energy choice for businesses that use large industrial machinery. As most commercial requirements for power are during "Sun Hours", the integration of Photovoltaic modules to their businesses lead to lower Grid utility bills and consistent power.

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Solar agriculture (AKA "agro photovoltaics" and "dual-use farming") allows farmers to install solar panels that offer a way to make their energy use more efficient, and directly enhance their farming capabilities.  Using solar photovoltaics in agriculture Sunlight can also be used to generate electricity using PV solar panels, these can be applied to a wide range of applications; most important ones include irrigation, refrigeration of agricultural products, milling of grains, electric fencing, poultry lightning etc.

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